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Laschenschrauben/fish bolt/ track bolt

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  • MaterialCarbon Steel
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Laschenschrauben/fish bolt/ track boltProduct

 Standard: AREMA or ASTM, BS and UIC, or other standard or drawing required by clients.

Specification: Diameter M20 M22, M24 and 3/8,3/4,7/8,1"to 1-1/8", without length limited.

Grade: 4.6,5.6.,6.8 ,8.8, 10.9, Grade 2, Grade 5 and Grade 8.

Protection: Black, galvanized and hot dip galvanized

Market: Britain, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and other European countries as well as the United States, Canada, Chile, Brazil, the Americas, also of Australia, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, Japan and South Korea for a long time, Russia, and other various parts of the world to provide。

Contact Person:Alice Yang

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Email:aliceyang1314 at hotmail dot com

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0313 国内鱼尾螺栓22X145.jpg

0339 轨道螺栓1-1/8.jpg

0310 Track Bolts 3/4.jpg

0311 轨道螺栓3/4.jpg